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“As a mom with no local family support and a very busy life, I personally know how difficult it can be to find outstanding childcare. Not only is it time-consuming, it’s a difficult process to navigate alone. After looking at many different options, I chose to host a professional au pair. With a professional au pair, my children were safe, loved and well-cared for. And,  I had the quality, flexibility and affordability that I needed. At PROaupair, I am personally involved with the recruitment of our professional au pairs, and each candidate must pass my incredibly high standards and our intensive screening process before being accepted. Whether you need an au pair with a specific type of training (such as physical therapist, pediatric nurse, teacher, occupational therapist) or just someone to love and care for your children, we can provide you with the  same peace of mind that my family has experienced for the past 8 years.  Call us at 949-903-2348 and let us help you find the perfect au pair for your family.”

Susan Asay, President & Founder

About us

PPROaupair was founded by a working mom to recruit educated, highly-experienced, bilingual childcare professionals – the best talent – to care for her own children and for special families like yours.

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