Matching Process

What Makes Our Process Better?

Our matching process is one of the things that sets us apart from other au pair and nanny agencies. We put a great deal of time, energy and genuine interest in getting to know all of our program participants so that we can really “match” them based on everything we know about them. We are very particular about our process and insist on outstanding results.

PROaupair does not simply work off of a database with thousands of candidates. We work with the perfect number of candidates - large enough to provide a strong selection and with many types of experiences and backgrounds, yet small enough for our staff to be very familiar with each candidate. A successful host family/au pair match happens when both parties have clear and realistic expectations, the au pair’s experience is in line with the family’s needs and there is a good personality fit between the parties.

Many times families only interview one or two candidates before extending a match offer due to the detailed pre-screening and support of our Matching Specialists and the diligence we apply in screening our our professional candidates.

The Process

Once a candidate (or two) has been identified, your Matching Specialist will work with you to schedule a Skype interview. We recommend Skype because it allows both parties to see each other, which can make the conversation much more comfortable and informative. Facial expressions tell a lot about how someone is feeling, if they understand what you are saying, and if you are feeling a connection. All you need is an internet connection, a web cam, and a microphone or headset.

Once you have identified a candidate you are interested in, we recommend that an interview take place within 24 hours. Your Matching Specialist will provide you with the candidate’s contact information so that you can schedule the interview at a mutually agreeable time. She will then follow up with you after the interview to get feedback and hear your impressions. Usually, during your first interview you will have a gut feeling about the candidate and whether or not he or she is a good fit for your family. If you like the candidate and would like to speak with him or her again, we ask you to do that within the next 24-48 hours. By remaining actively engaged in the matching process, you are ensuring a more enjoyable and stress-free matching experience.

We believe that the matching decision between the host family and au pair is mutual, and that each is equally participating and determining their interest in moving forward.

Families should also take into consideration that many of our professional candidates have other job options in their home country and may be considering other job opportunities, especially since most German candidates like to have security about their next job 3-6 months before their actual start. For this reason, we recommend remaining actively engaged in conversation and communication with any candidate you are interested in.

When Will My Professional Au Pair Arrive?

Once you and your PROaupair have agreed to work together, his or her arrival date will depend on a few things – availability, your desired arrival date, and the visa process. The minimum amount of time between final match and au pair arrival is four weeks. Many au pairs, particularly Germans, plan far in advance and apply to the program 6-24 months before they are available to travel. We always suggest that families begin the search process several months prior to their need for childcare – ideally 6 months in advance - but we can always help families who have a more immediate need.