A Letter from the Founder of Apex Social Group, Susan Asay

Dear Host Family,

As a working mom with three children, a demanding career as VP at PIMCO (an asset management firm in Newport Beach, CA), and no local family support, I personally understand the challenges families face in their search for high-quality child care. Not only is it time-consuming, but a very difficult and emotional process to navigate.

In 2005, after the birth of my first child, Klaus, I struggled to find child care that fit my family’s needs. I knew I needed live-in child care and wanted him to be exposed to German culture and language, yet I was disenchanted with the available options. Daycares were inflexible, nannies did not meet my cultural needs, and au pairs were usually 18-year-old high school students that lacked experience, so those were not options for me.

After extensive research, I decided to start recruiting my own international child care providers from Germany. Special people who had chosen a career working with children and had the personality traits and attitude that made them a great fit to work in our home.  

I combined the best of all worlds, the cultural exchange and family-like component of the au pair option, the experience of a specialized Nanny, and the professional training of pediatric healthcare or early childhood educator, so the recruitee would have a career track that fit with what I needed—exceptional care for my children in my home. In return, I was ready to provide them with an amazing year or two with my family in California. A year they will never forget. We took our Care Professionals everywhere throughout their time with us on weekend trips, vacations, business trips. This gave us the ability to have careers, more babies and provide a nurturing home life balance.Not only were my children safe, but loved and well cared for. I had the peace of mind that allowed me to go back to work without worry. 

My children are now bilingual and many of our amazing German Care Professionals are still part of our family and visit frequently. This experience formed my desire to create something meaningful. Something I can pour my heart into and help all we serve to reach their full potential. Children, Care Professionals, and parents. Years later, I am very fulfilled that my unmet need created the opportunity and vision for this global organization that helps thousands of people.

Our long-term relationships with educational institutions like the first European Occupational Therapist School and the German Red Cross provide us with highly qualified and experienced professional caregivers.

Whether you need a Care Professional to care for your first baby, toddlers, twins, or a child with special needs, you can rely on us to provide your family with the same peace of mind that my family and hundreds of other Apex families have experienced in the last decade.

Today, Apex Social Group has grown into an international organization, connecting families throughout the U.S. and Australia with Care Professionals who are not only highly qualified, but also loving, engaged, and motivated to make a difference in children’s lives. I invite you to watch these inspiring stories from parents like you, who kindly shared their Apex experience on video.

I wish you all the best and hope we can support you on your journey as CEO of Home Inc. 

Yours, Susan