Care Professional Training at Proaupair

Our unique and extensive training program prepares Apex PROaupair Care Professionals for their role throughout their time in our program. From start to finish, PROaupair Care Professionals are trained to provide high quality live-in child care through our Apex Academy.

Before arriving in the US, every Apex PROaupair candidate completes a comprehensive online and in-person training. This training fulfills the U.S. Department of State’s requirement that au pairs receive at least 32 hours of child development and safety instruction prior to arriving to their host family.

During their placement in the U.S., they continue to improve their professional skills through our Apex Academy continuing education program.

We also provide support and continued professional training as our Apex PROaupair Care Professionals are transitioning from our program back home. The Apex Social Career Center helps guide our Care Professionals through educational workshops and career counseling.

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