89 Great Costume Ideas for you Kids for Halloween

October 07, 2016
It’s October already? For most of us with kids that means figuring out a Halloween costume. While some kids know exactly what they want to be for Halloween, and will talk about it incessantly for months leading up to the date, others may only decide when prodded by Mom, Dad or their au pair.

Off-the-shelf costumes are readily available in stores, and have been for a while – which might work fine for some kids and parents. For others, part of the joy of Halloween is making a creative homemade costume.

We’ve scoured the Internet for great DIY Halloween costume ideas and compiled 89 of them in this one post. Whether you need something quick and simple or want to go all out, the below links are sure to provide you some great options!

Real Simple magazine offers 24 options for kids, from love bugs to jailbirds to sea monsters.

Babble shared photos of 25 amazing home made costumes designed for kids with special needs, including assorted Star Wars characters, a giraffe and an ice cream truck driver.

Country Living goes DIY with 40 cool costumes for kids of all ages, from Legos and Angry Birds to toy soldiers and hot air balloons.