Care professionals on J-1 visas are required by law to report and pay taxes on their income earned in the US.  The federal tax deadline was recently extended to May 17, 2021. Care professionals should check with their state to confirm the state tax filing and payment deadline.  Apex and our staff, including Area Directors, are not licensed to provide official tax advice. As part of our program, we do provide high-level resources to guide the Care Professionals, including:

  1. A tax webinar 
  2. An Apex Social tax information resource page to find links to IRS forms and a helpful tax resource paper

As each situation is unique, your care professional may require the assistance of a tax advisor or CPA. 

In addition, Apex has partnered with Sprintax, an easy-to-use online tool to prepare your tax return. When a care professional sets up an account with Sprintax, they can easily prepare Federal and State tax returns online. Apex care professionals can receive a $10 discount by entering the code: SpT20AUP301F10 on the payment page.