This is such an exciting time for both your family and your professional au pair. Here are some tips to make the first day with your professional au pair a success.

  1. Bring your kids to the airport: Your professional au pair is so excited to spend time with your children for the next year and nothing is better than those little smiling faces greeting her at the airport! Have a sign, to both welcome her and so she can identify you, and consider bringing another small gift like flowers.
  2. Make a jet lag kit: Apex PROaupair's pre-program training takes place in her home country, so your professional au pair has just traveled halfway across the globe to meet you! When you pick her up, have water and snacks available in the car. At home, you can have a jet lag kit waiting for her in her room that includes an eye mask, a soothing candle or diffuser, a face mask for a little spa treatment and some chocolate for comfort.
  3. Give her a home tour: Show your professional au pair your home on her arrival day and then go into further detail about where everything is located in the house later in the week. Be sure to have her bedroom prepared, including a fully stocked bathroom. Little gestures when preparing her room, like having a framed photo of your kids, goes a long way. For more info on preparing your professional au pair's bedroom, visit our blog here
  4. Have the week planned: Your professional au pair isn't allowed to work for the first few days with your family (a Department of State requirement). This is the perfect time to get to know each other and enjoy your town! Have your week planned with activities like a tour of the places you'll expect her to bring your children, some local sightseeing, and a guided grocery store trip. Grocery stores in the USA are much larger than in Europe so she'll really enjoy when you show her all of your favorite foods.
  5. Enjoy a family meal: Prepare your favorite family meal on your professional au pair's arrival day- nothing shows love like a home cooked dish. Sit around the table and get to know each other more, but don't be concerned if she doesn't eat a large plate. She's just tired from the travel!

We are so excited for your year with your new professional au pair.

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