Create an Indoor Snowstorm: Snowstorm outside? Create an indoor winter wonderland! While typically thought of as a Christmastime activity, making paper snowflakes is a great way to pay homage to the winter weather while staying warm and toasty indoors. Tissue paper makes for great, if delicate snowflakes – and is much easier to cut than copy paper, particularly for smaller hands. Don’t limit yourself to white either – your indoor snowstorm can come in an array of vibrant colors!

Design a Scavenger Hunt: Being trapped indoors for long periods of time can make anyone long for an adventure. And just because you can’t go outside, doesn’t mean the adventure can’t come to you. Create an indoor scavenger hunt, complete with clues, hand drawn maps, riddles, and more to keep your little ones busy. The “treasure” can be anything that will motivate the kids: hot chocolate and cookies, screen time, or some other treat.

Play a Physical Board Game – or Make One Up: Games that require physical movements are great for when kids get squirmy from being indoors too long. Consider old school games like Twister or make your own. You can use masking tape to play hopscotch in your kitchen or garage. Or, move the breakables, toss some cushions on the floor and imagine the floor is lava!

Build an Elaborate Blanket Fort: While an even more confined space might seem counter intuitive, most children love the creativity that comes with building a blanket fort. Go all out – pull out the extra blankets, Christmas lights, pillows and more to create a fantastic nest to cozy up inside. Read books, tell stories or create a special space for nap time.

Create an Arbitrary Rule for the Day: An otherwise boring snow day can be made interesting with an arbitrary rule all must follow – like everyone has to walk everywhere backwards or you can only move from place to place while on your hands and knees or all questions must be sung in a high falsetto. Think of some silly, funny “rule” to put into place and enforce it!