Pew Research recently shared 6 interesting facts about dads and the changing nature of the American family. Below are three of them:

#3 – Dads see parenting as central to their identity

Almost just as many dads (57%) as moms (58%) say that parenting is “extremely important” to their identity.

#6 – More dads as staying at home and caring for children

About 21% of the 2 million dads that don’t work outside of their home say their main reason was to care for the home and family.

#5 – Dads spend as much time or more with their kids that their own parents – but still feel like its not enough

Approximately half of the dads in a 2015 survey said they spent too little time with their kids – compared to only 25% of moms.

Many prospective host families we’ve talked to relate to point #5, feeling like they aren’t spending enough time with their kids. While it may seem counterintuitive, having a professional au pair can actually help to increase time with your children – quality time. According to many of our current host families, their au pair’s support in day-to-day life has allowed them to spend more quality time with their children.

Read all six facts presented by Pew Research here: