The first day of school can be exciting, terrifying or something in between for kids. Your professional au pair will definitely make the transition smoother for your family. Here are a few tips and tricks for this busy time of year.

Clearly communicate changes with your professional au pair.

If your children are attending a new school or your professional au pair arrived while the kids were on summer break, be sure to set up your professional au pair for success. Tour the school as a family, drive the new routes together and discuss all scheduling changes and expectations. Communication and preparation are key!

Start a new routine early.

Your professional au pair can help you create the children's back to school routine- she's a professional childcare provider and is full of amazing ideas. Agree on new bedtimes, talk about evening plans, like screen time, and get your children used to the type of food they'll be eating at school, whether it's a school or boxed lunch.

Get organized.

Make a checklist with your professional au pair of ways that you can divide and conquer all that needs to be done. A shared family calendar in the kitchen is always helpful, as is shopping for school supplies and back to school outfits at off peak times. Picking out lunches or snacks with your kids is another way to increase the chances that they'll actually eat what you send!

Make new traditions.

Back to school time is special in any country in the world and your professional au pair will bring a unique perspective. Ask her how she celebrated the first day of school growing up and then give it a try! You can also teach her your family's traditions, like baking chocolate chips cookies or going out for ice cream after school.

Have a wonderful first day of school!