According to a recent article in Disability Scoop, Scope, a London-based disability advocacy group, has created a series of new emojis showing people with a range of abilities – all free to download and share. Many of the emojis highlight sports from the upcoming Paralympics, which starts on September 7th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

From the article:

“Emojis offer a colorful array of more than 1,800 characters to help sum up how you’re feeling. So it’s disappointing that disabled people are represented with just one emoji – the wheelchair user sign,” said Rosemary Frazer, campaigns manager at Scope who uses a wheelchair herself.

“This one symbol can’t represent me and the disabled people I know. To truly represent the world we live in, disabled people should be included in a way that reflects the diversity of our lives,” she said.

A link that allows you to download and share the emojis is available in the below article.

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