We all understand how important it is to provide children with engaging and stimulating activities as they continue to develop. But how can this be accomplished when the weather is not ideal?

As we all know, the east coast was hit with some extreme weather in the last month. Although our children enjoy the snow days, we frantically try to figure out ways to keep them busy without getting a serious dose of cabin fever! Here are some activities to help provide your host children with fun-filled best snow days!

Building Projects

Host Mom Claudia with children and their professional au pair!

Children just LOVE to build! According to Parenting Science, “building projects stimulate creativity, and sharpen crucial skills” through the use of problem solving. So, pull out those Legos to create a megacity, build a racecar out of cardboard boxes, or collect all the blankets to pull together a fort! These activities help kids use their imagination to create wonderous projects! Look around your home and get creative!


Science in the Home

Professional au pair Silja enjoys celebrating static electricity day with her host family!

Science is everywhere…. literally! You can find a multitude of science projects using the supplies you already have in your home. The younger kids may enjoy this non-toxic project where they witness the eggshell completely disappear! For the older kids try making Elephant Toothpaste, a fun and safe way to show the chemical reaction between yeast and hydrogen peroxide! They would also be excited to make Homemade slime, or enjoy finding all the pennies in the home to clean with the Penny Chemical Reaction project! Chemistry on a snowy day is always fun!

Check out Occupational Therapist Elisa compiling a little chemistry project with her host kids!

Art Comes in All Shapes, Colors, & Sizes

Paint, crayons, markers, play dough….the list could go on with the endless art projects using these supplies! Try mixing it up with a few different ideas to utilize the cold winter conditions! Your host child would thoroughly enjoy creating colored ice sculptors with this easy-to-make project!

Former professional au pair, Simone Mayer, enjoying art projects with her host child!

Do your host children have potato head toys laying around? Try swapping out the potato heads for snow to create funny faces! This also presents an opportunity to talk about facial features and emotions!

Music Makes the World Go-Round

No matter the language, music is a way to connect with people from all walks of life! You don’t have to play an instrument to experience the joy of music! Try making a rain stick with an old paper towel roll and some rice! Or play songs from your own playlist to encourage movement and dancing! There are so many great, free options on the internet for you to explore!

Music can also be used to help develop language! Try reading this article on how you can incorporate music in daily speech therapy routines.

Enjoy the Snow!

Host Child Claire's professional au pair Annika captured this outside moment!

There are even options to help your host children enjoy the snow while staying warm inside. All too frequently we spend a lot of time bundling up our kids to enjoy the snow outside, but find the frigid temperatures make it difficult for some kids to enjoy! So bring the snow to them with this winter sensory project! Not only are they experiencing the fun part of snow days, but they are witnessing the science of melting ice!

And of course, you always have the option of making some sweet treats using the snow! Our neighbors in Canada enjoy using their plethora of snow by making some Maple Syrup Taffy. Or you could try this good old fashioned snow cream. Spending time in the kitchen with your host children is a great way to teach the importance of preparing, measuring, and enjoying their own creations!