In her own words- 

To come to the USA as a qualified primary school teacher and be a professional au pair in a host family was the best decision of my life! So I would like to share my wonderful experiences here with you. 

When I finished my courses, I wondered what to do with my life. I thought that now was probably the perfect moment for a new experience to simply enjoy a great time of my life. My goals for my international time were always very clear: to gain more experience working with children, to improve my English, to travel and to know and live a different culture. 

My host family 
During my application process at apex social, I spoke with several host families via Skype. Actually, I had in my head that I wanted to go California. But when I first spoke to my host family, I realized that it is more important to fit perfectly with the host family than to come to a particular place in the US. 

I just knew they'd be the right host family for me - even if they lived in the rainy, cloudy Washington State. It was a gut feeling and I was right! They made me part of the family from the beginning and I felt right at home. No matter if I had to laugh or cry, we have already done a lot together – and they have never let me down. Communication is the key to happiness

GaroaWords2 (Wild Water Rafting)

My host family always includes me in their plans. We have already experienced many fun activities together, such as going to the 'State Fair', indoor skydiving or traveling together. We have been to Mexico and San Diego and have even swam with dolphins. 

They give me the feeling that there is always a place for me at birthdays or other holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. At the same time, however, they also give me the necessary freedom and privacy that I need. I have a separate area in the house, which belongs only to me and in which I can also invite my friends. 

Thanks to this wonderful relationship with my host family I can really enjoy my work here and spending time with them is great! I love them and I have a second family for life.  

My friends 
Since I've been here I've met a lot of people. Among them are both other professional au pairs, as well as traditional au pairs from all over the world. It is an incredible cultural exchange and so beautiful to see how much you can learn about other cultures. Many of the people I've met so far have become good friends. Friends with whom I have fun and can travel. But above all, friends I can trust. 

Garoawords3(Roadtrip to Las Vegas)

Now, there is always a reason to travel to other countries to visit my friends there. Within the USA, however, we have traveled a lot. I've been to New York City, Las Vegas and Portland with my friends. We also travel a lot in Washington to explore the area here. But there are a lot of other places that I would like to see during the next months in the USA. 

I have also met Americans. Through them I have better understood American culture and have been able to integrate well into the daily life here. Whether it's college courses, coffee at Starbucks, or sports - if you want to get to know people in the USA, there are plenty of opportunities. 

An enriching adventure 
I notice how I change and grow beyond myself. The many great people I've met here and all I've learned about their different cultures has opened my eyes. I now have a slightly different perspective on the world and my lifestyle has definitely changed. 

Garoawords4  (Bubblegum Wall in Seattle)

I have always loved to travel. But now there are places on my To Do list, which I would never have thought I would ever see. And the best thing is through my time abroad I learn not only about myself but above all about my skills and how I can improve them. 

My conclusion is quite simple: every single professional au pair makes a completely different experience in this program. Whether you have fun or not is not only the host family, or the organization with which you go abroad or the place where you live in the USA. It is mainly due to one's own attitude to the whole! Be positive, courageous and execute your plans. Get out, rather than stay at your home and don't forget to communicate with your host family. Then you will have a wonderful experience and have unique stories to tell. 

All the best,