5 Things to Do in Germany in the Summer

June 08, 2017
The majority of our professional au pairs are originally from Germany and we love to learn more about their culture!

What does summertime look like in Germany? Here are 5 things to do in Germany during this gorgeous season. 

  1. Spend Time In Your Schrebergarten 

A Schrebergarten is a small plot used for gardening that is typically on the outskirts of German cities. A Schrebergarten can be privately rented and typically features a small gardening shed for storage or even a sitting area. Germans love to get their hands in the soil and since space isn't available in the city, Schrebergartens make up for that lack! Flowers, fruit trees, and garden gnomes can typically be found in these charming bits of land.  

  1. Bike On Over 43,000 Miles of Paths 

Though Germany is covered in snow in the winter, it sports gorgeous summers that cyclists love to make use of. In recent years, Germany has focused on increasing their cycling infrastructure and there are now over 200 long-distance paths in the country. There's even a bike autobahn! From the forests of Bavaria to paths through Berlin, there's a cycling route for everyone. 

  1. Enjoy the local Eisdiele 

When you think 'Germany' ice cream may not be the first food that comes to mind but the neighborhood Eisdiele, or ice cream parlor, is the place to visit in the summertime heat! Germany has a large Italian immigrant population and they produce the best ice cream around. Stop by and enjoy the local flavors on a warm and sunny day.  


  1. Celebrate at a Festival 

While the Christmas Markets in Germany may be the most famous festivals from the country, summertime has no shortage of celebrations. Festivals in the summer, including Midsummer celebrations, tend to be local with nearly every town hosting one. Often found at the party are music, rides, local food and drink, and fireworks. With Germany blanketed in snow for a good portion of the year, summer is the time to celebrate! 

  1. Visit Berlin 

There's so much to see and do year-round in Berlin but the months of June, July and August are when the city really comes alive. In fact, Berlin in the winter versus Berlin in the summer can feel like two different worlds! Wander around the city and enjoy architecture, museums, Currywurst or a boat trip down the River Spree. Locals and tourists alike will be enjoying the weather with you!