What Classes Fulfill the J1 Educational Requirement for Au Pairs?

November 18, 2016
In honor of International Education Week, November 14 – 18, 2016, apex PROaupair asked our professional au pairs to share what educational classes they took (or are going to take) to fulfill the educational requirement of the program (at least six semester hours of credit at an accredited post-secondary institution). Below are some of their responses!

“I took two Spanish classes at my nearby college because I have a lot of Hispanic friends. I also took several museum classes in Washington, D.C. because they are convenient, cheap and I can spend the rest of the day in D.C.” - Merle K. 

“I chose an au pair cooking class in Bethesda, Maryland. It took me 6 weeks and I got 3 credits. I chose it because it gave me a great opportunity to meet other au pairs and to improve my cooking skills since I cook for my hot kids a lot. Also, I learned how to use cups, ounces and so on, since we measure differently in Germany. My other class was a Washington, D.C. History class where we explored DC and all the monuments. It was a good way to learn more about the city where you live!” – Lisa L.

“I am going to go to an au pair weekend in Tampa or San Diego, but I haven’t decided yet. I’ve chosen these because you get all the credits, get to see another city, and get to know other au pairs!” – Lucia-Maria C. 

“I took the Alliant classes in San Diego. You learn a lot about the U.S. and things that are important like communication. You also get to do sightseeing.” – Sarah R.

“I took a class to learn Sign Language. It’s really interesting and will be helpful in the future since I will most likely need it as an Occupational Therapist in Germany. Besides that, it really fascinated me and is something that I can put to good use!” – Bianca F.

“I’ve taken two classes already. First, I was in a drawing class that was really a lot of fun. The second class was “basics of writing a novel.” It was so great to learn more about stuff I love to do in my free time! One class is left and I’ll see what I’ll choose in January.” – Loreen F.

“In my first year I did a class in American language and government, because my host dad works in politics and I wanted to know more about it! I also took a special needs care  taking class which will help mea lot in my future Physical Therapy career! In my second year I did an ASL class, as I love this language and my host kid doesn’t talk. Also I took the Nashville Travel class with BMCC. It was great to combine learning about the history of Nashville and actually going there!” – Bettina V.

Do you have questions about what classes fulfill the educational requirement? If so, don’t hesitate to ask us!