Check out more about Area Director Maggie below!

Image above: Area Director Maggie (middle) and professional au pairs Sheena, Nina, Marina, and Julia at North Ave. beach.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!  In addition to being an Area Director, I am an actor, runner, and budding sewer! I currently teach theater to 2 and 3-year-olds, and really enjoy making props and costumes for class. 
 stacy&Doll (Image: Maggie Pickering & Stacy Keach in a promo shot for Shakespeare Theatre in Washington D.C. in a production of Henry IV.)

What do you do in your job as Area Director? I assist the professional au pairs in getting to know the city, and in completing their outside requirements. 
What is unique about your city? Chicago is a sprawling city - our suburbs stretch almost up to Wisconsin and down to Indiana. It is very easy to get around - all of our families live close to public transportation, which can get you downtown quickly and easily. Also, EVERY one of our major sports teams has won a national title! 

What fun events do you do with your professional au pairs? We've gone to see the Bulls play, we've had picnics on the beach, and coming up - tubing down the river! 

What types of courses can professional au pairs take in Chicago? What can't you take? Chicago is such a HUGE city, there are so many options - professional au pairs have taken Spanish, Yoga, not to mention classes specific to their fields. 

Why do you love being an Area Director?  I love how it maintains my connection to the Special Needs world, and how I get to be an ambassador for Chicago!


(Image: Maggie getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon for Autism Speaks.)