Conny has lived with my family for over a year and has elected to continue her stay with us for an additional year. As a single father of 4.5-year-old twins, Conny has handled the unique challenges that we have with professionalism, love, grace and patience.

In short order, when she arrived in the states, Conny immediately became part of our family. My children warmed up to her immediately and she was able to establish a strong bond that has endured. Her calm yet enthusiastic demeanor has worked wonders with the kids. Having to live between two homes my kids have connected to Conny as the source of stability while they are often in transition. She never has a bad day….even when she’s having a bad day!

Conny works closely with my sons therapists…..not as an observer, but as a therapist herself. She is anxious to learn, to try new approaches and is an integral part of our therapist team. From my perspective she is the most important member as she can carry through the therapy into the household….and she does. She has helped my son more than you can imagine. He listens to her, respects her, loves her and those are the key elements for her success with him.

Conny is extraordinarily creative. I have attached some photos of the projects she has worked on with the kids. This is such an amazing talent for someone working on child development. She takes the time to organize the project, get the necessary materials, heavily involve the kids and create such fabulous memories!

Conny is very active with the family. She likes to experience all she can while she is here in the states, which gives us a great opportunity to do things together. She also takes the time with the kids (and me) to share her culture and traditions.

In addition to all of the above, Conny has an excellent collection of personal character traits that make her a pleasure to be around and someone for whom I have a great deal of trust. She is always on time, has an incredible sense of responsibility and takes the initiative when she sees an opportunity. She goes above and beyond her “job description” to be helpful in a way that helps our family and is enjoyable for her.