Mattis Reil, a German Occupational Therapist has spent the past 18 months living in a suburb of Chicago with the Baer family. Caring for their son Philly, who has special needs, here are just a few examples of how Mattis has been using his OT background to work with Philly:

  • Taking him to his Occupational Therapy sessions helping Philly develop his strength with daily tasks like standing and maintaining his grasp.
  • Spending time in Philly's special therapy room, working on his posture while reading books or doing other activities. He is now able to sit on a wedge by himself and read his favorite books.
  • While on a family vacation in Puerto Rico, doing water therapy with Philly and helping him to relax in the hotel pool.

As his program comes to an end, we'd like to thank Mattis for his hard work and dedication to the Baer family and Philly. We salute you!