Professional Au Pair Nina and Host Mom Tamara
I'm Nina (image above) and an au pair in California. I want to thank my host mum Tammy for being always there for me! She is a hard worker and when she comes home after all her stress at work she is still always calm. It doesn't matter if she had a bad day she is always there for her husband, the triplets and me. We always have fun together, kitchen parties, skiing, driving together in the car or just making jokes about silly stuff. It is the little things that show me how much she appreciates me. She always buys for example candy for me that I like and no one else eats in the house. Just yesterday she came home with a wonderful bracelet for me. When I am homesick she sits with me on my bed and she doesn't care how late it is. Tammy is the best adviser that I could imagine in my time in the US. I think she is doing an amazing job with this family and I admire her strength to be the most patient person with the triplets and always has the best intentions for them and me. Thanks to my wonderful host mum!!! I love her, Nina.

Professional Au Pair Anne and Host Mom Amy
Amy is the most wonderful and nicest person I have ever met. She is kind, lovely, honest, noble... Amy always takes care more about others than about herself. She loves making other people happy. She and the whole family give me the feeling being a part of their family and I feel like home. I am with my host family for over 1 year and I am very thankful for being here.

Professional Au Pair Jennifer and Host Mom Mara
Thank you for trusting me right from the beginning. You entrusted me with the most important thing in your life - your children. Thank you for continuously showing me through small gestures and words that I am now a part of your family. Thank you for allowing me to explore this new country even if you have to cut back yourself. Thank you for the amazing surprise party! I could not wish for a more perfect host family. Thank you, Mara!

Jennifer and Mara
Professional Au Pair Carina and Host Mom Yassi
Hello Yassi, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day and would like to thank you for your loving reception into your family. I have been with you for two months now and have had many wonderful moments with you, e.g. Kamrans Star-Wars Party, and the warm Easter festival with soap bubbles. I think you're an impressive, humorous and lovely mother and host mom! All the best, Carina

Professional Au Pair Selina and Host Mom Lori
My host mom goes above and beyond to make sure I feel included, happy and that I'm part of the family. I can talk to her about anything and everything. For my Christmas gift (after we decided to extend with each other) she contacted one of my friends (whom she met and knew she knows my mom) to help getting in contact with my mom and translating everything to German. They talked over WhatsApp and arranged for my mom to come visit me in March, so I could see her after 1 year. My host family paid for the flight and let my mom stay in the guest room.
It was very important to Lori that my mom, who probably wouldn't have come visit me otherwise, because of the expensive plane tickets, wouldn't go 2 years without seeing her daughter. Family is very important to Lori. They surprised me with the plane ticket on Christmas morning. When I opened the envelope, she had my family in Germany on Skype without me knowing, so they could also be part of the surprise. I was very surprised, excited and happy about this very special Christmas gift. I'm really grateful for her and being part of her family!