At PROaupair, the majority of our host families have children with special needs. For many of these families, these special needs require frequent doctor’s visits, hospital stays or ongoing therapy sessions. As we read this post, we saw – in the nurse’s stories – our host families and the children we serve. We also saw a glimpse into the future lives of some of our professional au pairs, many of whom are pediatric nurse and occupational therapists.

So while Thanksgiving has passed and we are now fully immersed into the season of carols, cards and Christmas, we want to pause for one more moment of gratitude and thanks. First, to our host families and their children, who challenge us, make us laugh, and show us the power of love and family, regardless of our home countries. And, to the many care professionals – in our lives, in our communities and around the world – who take care of our children, join us in the struggles, and give us hope.

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