Why is it so important to know your professional au pair’s (and your own) color? As apex PROaupair CEO and Founder Susan Asay puts it,

In times of stress or extraordinary circumstances, a person usually falls back to their natural color, or their natural motive, because that’s where they feel comfortable. When a candidate comes from abroad to the United States, they go to their limit and that’s the time where they fall back to their natural color.

Why do Reds make great professional au pairs? Because a Red’s main motivator is power, otherwise known as visionary. From The Color Code,

Red are the power wielders. Power: the ability to move from point A to point B and get things done, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership and generally are responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.

Reds can also be described as:
-movers and shakers
-independent thinkers

Your Red professional au pair will take her job seriously and she’ll strive to excel at it in every manner. Red professional au pairs love adventure, so she’ll truly embrace her time in the USA. She may be involved in your community or a leader amongst the other au pairs in your area.

With these advantageous traits come some challenges that Reds face. Reds can also be:

To create an environment where your Red professional au pair will succeed, try these tips:
-Include your Red professional au pair in decision making when possible- this is a sign that you respect her, which is important to a Red
-Be a leader for her and give her opportunities to grow both as a professional au pair and as a person
-Give her feedback and positive affirmation regularly
-Let her have adventures with the children, like hiking or visiting the beach

Red professional au pairs can be a great addition to your parenting team! You’ll be able to learn from one another and you’ll all be better for it.

About The Color Code

The Color Code Personality Assessment test, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, is a tool that apex PROaupair uses to help host families and professional au pairs understand how they may interact with one another according to their personality type, or “Color”. All host families and professional au pairs take this test before matching- in fact, all of apex PROaupair’s staff also know their own color. For a refresher on The Color Code, visit our web page here.

If you are a current host family or professional au pair, you can review your results in your profile and by logging into The Color Code website.