Not only did our professional au pairs and their Area Director, Eva, enjoy the opportunity to give back- they had fun doing it by baking lemon bars and banana muffins! 

Ronald 1(From left: Area Director Eva, Professional au pairs Lisa, Monika, Stephanie and Kira.)

Area Director Eva shares about their experience below. 

My wonderful professional au pairs and I just got done with our volunteering event at the local Ronald McDonald House in Orange County. We baked up yummy lemon bars and banana muffins for families of critically ill children.  

Ronald 3

These freshly baked treats bring love into the house, allowing families to unwind, de-stress, and fortify their bodies to be at their best for their child in the hospital. Most families stay at the hospital throughout the day to be with their sick child but they are happy to have a treat waiting for them when they return to the house. 
This was everybody's first visit to the house but since it was so well received by everyone, Area Director Eva scheduled another visit right before Christmas to cook a dinner for the guests. Area Director Eva is planning on hosting an event there every year moving forward