Trevor is in many ways a very happy 10 year old boy. However, he is undiagnosed and he continues to lose many of the skills and physical abilities he once had. His parents are faced with the same challenges that many parents of children with special needs face – they are managing busy careers, other children, a home, demanding therapy routines, and the many therapists and doctors involved with supporting Trevor.

Sandra Trcak (25) is a German Occupational Therapist and a Professional Special Needs Au Pair who provides loving care and the experienced support that Trevor and his siblings need. Implementing every aspect of the therapy plans developed by his American therapists, Sandra is making a tremendous difference in the lives of Trevor and the entire Ruxin family.

Sometimes we forget that we only can do it because we have another adult, who loves our children, living in our house.
holly-roxin_trevors-momHolly Ruxin, Trevor’s mother

Thank you to Sandra and the Ruxin Family for sharing these precious moments.
On behalf of our host families with children with special needs and our professional au pairs, PROaupair would like to extend our gratitude to the U.S. Department of State for their trust in our au pair program and for designating APEX PROaupair as program sponsor. The APEX PROaupair program is providing an amazing cultural exchange opportunity with the powerful message that integration is important with our fellow world citizens.

The A.P.EX. PROaupair Team