Back after two years in the US:  Carolin Bär, 24, Occupational Therapist from "Schule für Ergotherapie Heidelberg" Germany, talks about her experience:

I didn't have time to check my emails yet. I was very lucky with both family's.

They were great, I felt respected, we all worked together and were able to talk about everything. I was still very independent and able to do whatever I wanted to do, like traveling, meeting friends and exploring. The combination was perfect, I was part of the family but still very independent and had a life besides and outside the house/family.

I learned a lot about myself, the culture and the language. I actually decided to do it again after my second year. My previous host family didn't need an AuPair anymore and I had to look for a new family. I most definitely would do it again, I do not regret this great experience at all. I would recommend proAuPair to a friend because the life experience is simply great.

I was able to learn a lot about myself and the memories and friends I made are unforgettable. If you want to sign up for Proaupair you have to be very independent though, I was the only person in my area and had to start all by myself. Diana was the best area director and friend I could ask for and it was not her fault that there were no Aupairs in my area.

I started to make (American) friends close by because everybody from Proaupair lived too far away. You have to be a very independent and strong person and it's very important to choose the right family. You should be the right fit for the family and the other way around.

It's good to be picky, it's a big decision for both. I am glad I found the perfect second family, without the right fit I wouldn't have had extended.

I would most definitely recommend it. I had the best time of my life.

Best wishes, Caro