PROaupair was established to provide a professional  opportunity for young social care workers while also helping families find specialized childcare. But these women and men are coming from Europe, where the education and job titles are a bit different then in America. So how can you tell which professional skills you need for your family? Let's start with one of the most versatile and frequent job titles in our program!

What is a Special Needs Care Provider?

Even though our American PROaupair staff cannot even come close to pronouncing the word “Heilerziehungspfleger”, we translate it as 'Special Needs Care Provider'. It’s one of our favorite German occupations for our host families who have children with special needs!

A Heilerziehungspfleger or “HEP” for short, is a Special Needs Care provider who has completed a three-year advanced degree in assisting, caring, educating and helping children and adults with special care requirements and daily living. In addition to working with people with special needs in a social and emotional capacity, they are also trained to provide personal and hygiene assistance including toileting, bathing, lifting, feeding (including feeding tubes) and other daily support needs. They make wonderful professional au pairs for children who have special physical care needs.