World Teacher Day is October 5th – Thank a Teacher!

October 03, 2016
Ask almost anyone you know – no matter his or her age – about a favorite teacher and they’ll have a story to share. From the first teacher we remember (and accidentally called “mommy”) to the teacher who introduced us to our favorite book, first complimented our artwork, or told us we did a great job on an assignment, teachers hold a special place in our hearts.

Good teachers serve as roll models for our children. If we stop to think about it, our children spend a significant number of hours during their formative years under teachers care. Yet, the frantic pace of our lives and the demands placed on all teachers mean we don’t often take the time to acknowledge the important place teachers hold in our children’s lives.

According to UNESCO, Wednesday is World Teachers Day. In honor of the day, take a moment to recognize a special teacher in your life. Consider writing your child’s teacher a note telling him or her how much they mean to you and your child. Or, see if you child would like to write something personal inside a card especially for the teacher. If you have time and want to go above and beyond, the blog SheKnows has some great ideas for useful gifts that any teacher is sure to appreciate.

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