89 Great Costume Ideas for you Kids for Halloween

Off-the-shelf costumes are readily available in stores, and have been for a while – which might work fine for some kids and parents. For others, part of the joy of Halloween is making a creative homemade costume.We’ve scoured the Internet for great DIY Halloween costume ideas and compiled 89 of them in this one post.

World Teacher Day is October 5th – Thank a Teacher!

Good teachers serve as roll models for our children. If we stop to think about it, our children spend a significant number of hours during their formative years under teachers care. Yet, the frantic pace of our lives and the demands placed on all teachers mean we don’t often take the time to acknowledge the

Simple Halloween Decorating Ideas Your Au Pair Can Do with Your Children

This year, instead of purchasing a variety of cheap plastic decorations at the store, have your professional au pair work with your children to create unique and easy DIY decorations that they can put up around the house.Not only is this a great way for your kids to start getting excited about Halloween, it is

Au Pair Superstar: Meet Mateja, a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Austria

While PROaupair selects just one Au Pair of the Year, this doesn’t mean that there is only one outstanding professional au pair in each batch of candidates. Far from it! This most recent year had a number of outstanding au pair candidates nominated by their host families.One such au pair is Mateja Starman, a 26-year-old

ABC’s comedy Speechless Highlights Family with Special Needs

Prominent characters in recent television programs such as Max Braverman in “Parenthood” (Asperger’s syndrome), Artie Abrams (paraplegic) and Becky Jackson (Down syndrome) in “Glee,” and Tyrion Lannister (dwarfism) in Game of Thrones, have brought characters (and sometimes actors) with special needs into the mainstream.Such is the case with the new ABC comedy, “Speechless” about a