Back to School Tips for Children with Special Needs

Developmental Delays & Seizures

Your professional au pair can provide assistance in managing the back-to-school frenzy, whether you have children with special needs or not. From helping with the back-to-school shopping to calming the jitters associated with having a new teacher, engage your professional au pair in your back-to-school planning – see what ideas she or he might have

PROaupair in the San Francisco Bay Area - Diverse fun for everyone!

What can professional au pairs look forward to living in your region?There are crazy, cool and unique things always going on in the San Francisco Bay Area.One of my favorite things about coming to San Francisco has been this fact!  It is truly amazing to me how often there are festivals, concerts, and just randomly

Meet Our Washington D.C. Area Director

What can professional au pairs look forward to living in your region? We are near the District of Columbia - Washington DC. This is where the United States government, the President and Congress reside. We can tour the White House and the Capitol to see where the laws are made and the where Congress runs

Is your personality blue, red, yellow or white? Learn more about The Color Code!

PROaupair uses The Dr. Hartman Personality Assessment, also known as “The Color Code” for this very reason. While we agree there is a “gut check” component to choosing the right caregiver for your family, we also believe in using data and science to back this up. The Color Code, unlike other personality tests, identifies both what

PROaupair Wins Four Gold Medals for Childcare in San Francisco Bay Area

PROaupair also received a Silver Award for “Best Nanny Agency” and a Bronze Award for “Best Special Needs Resource” in the San Francisco Peninsula.Thank you SO MUCH to all of our wonderful host families in San Francisco, Marin, East Bay and the Peninsula who took the time to vote for us and helped us to