10 Fun Summer Activities for Children with Special Needs

Parents, particularly of children with special needs, are constantly trying to think of fun, interesting activities that can also benefit their children’s social skills, motor skills or cognitive abilities. But, even the most creative parents and professional au pairs can have moments of feeling tapped out of ideas and wondering – what can we do

How Does Sensory Processing Affect Communication in Kids with Autism?

Neuroscientist Sarah H. Baum has taken a different approach - focusing her research on how people with autism process sensory information from the world around them. While referenced in early studies of autism, it has been an area of limited research until now. In the below blog post, from Autism Speaks, Sarah describes how insights

What's In Fashion this Summer? Adaptive Clothing by Tommy Hilfiger

Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger has released a line of adaptive clothing for children with special needs. Included in the line are 22-pieces that look just like his regular collection. The difference is that the new collection includes velcro, magnets and various other modifications that make the clothing easy for children to put on and take

Tax Free Savings Accounts for Your Child with Disabilities

International Caregivers Making A Difference In The Lives of Families Raising Children With Autism

Here's what you need to know about the latest news about tax free savings accounts. The plans are somewhat like 529 college plans as they will allow individuals with a disability to save up to $100,000 without jeopardizing their eligibility for the Social Security and Medicaid programs. Currently, parents must ensure that their children have