Each year, approximately 10,000 babies in the U.S. develop cerebral palsy – but no two children are affected in exactly the same way. Apex PROaupair works with our host families with children with cerebral palsy to understand their needs and match them with a skilled Care Professional with training in physical therapy or occupational therapy. Our Care Professionals help children with cerebral palsy to improve movement, coordination, balance and dexterity using therapeutic approaches that supplement professional therapy sessions.


Meet Mira & Physical Therapist Laura

Cindy and Mark, host parents from Massachusetts have two sons and a daughter, Mira, who has cerebral palsy. In addition to outside therapy and support, the family hired Laura, a professional au pair and physiotherapist from Germany, to live with the family and provide home-based support. Cindy and Mark can see that Mira adores Laura and appreciate the strong bond that has developed between them.

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