The majority of Apex PROaupair’s candidates have experience working with children with special needs. They understand that each child with special needs has unique capabilities and challenges, and works closely with the host family to implement a beneficial routine for the individual child – as well as the child’s siblings. Apex PROaupair’s professional au pairs develop strong, collaborative relationships with their host families, ensuring a positive and supportive environment that helps all children in the family thrive.

Our Care Professionals have experience working with various types of special needs diagnoses including:

  • Autism spectrum disorder, including Asperger’s syndrome
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Down syndrome and other genetic conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological disabilities
  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Learning disabilities
  • Undiagnosed/severe
  • Additional mental and physical delays

The Care Professionals who support families with special needs also have a wide range of relevant experience and training that can include:

  • Implementing therapy homework
  • Administering medication
  • Creating and reinforcing routines
  • Administering feeding tubes
  • Adapting the home environment
  • Tailoring creative activities to individual capabilities
  • Modeling appropriate behaviors
  • Hygiene care and feeding
  • Taking children to therapy appointments
  • Working with the family to achieve developmental milestones
  • Therapeutic stretching and exercises
  • Maintaining a log of daily activities and progress

Many families with special needs also have children in the same household who do not have delays or disabilities. Our Care Professionals are adept at balancing the needs of all the children in a family, ensuring that everyone receives the special attention and support they deserve.

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