Hosting an Au Pair

As a U.S. Department of State designated au pair program, we fully comply with all regulations and requirements of the Exchange Visitor Program, and also expect our host families and au pairs to comply as well.

We look for host families who not only need childcare, but who will also treat their au pairs as members of the family and include them in family activities as much as possible. Our goal is to place our au pairs in supportive and safe family environments that reinforce intercultural  sharing and exchange.

Your family may qualify for PROaupair's program if:

  • Both host parents are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents
  • English is the primary language spoken in the home
  • Family has adequate financial resources to support hosting an au pair for 12 months
  • Family agrees to a personal interview in their home
  • Family supplies two non-family references that can be verified by PROaupair staff
  • Family reads and agrees to the U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Program regulations

The host family must provide the au pair with:

  • Private room (with bed, dresser, closet or closet alternative, and access to an emergency exit) and either a private or shared bathroom.
  • Meals
  • A weekly stipend to be paid on the same day each week  (click here for amount by Program)
  • Up to $500 in tuition per year
  • Automobile insurance coverage if the au pair is driving any of the family's vehicles
  • Two weeks paid vacation; one full weekend off per month; 1.5 days off per week

The host family agrees to:

  • Schedule no more than 10 hours of childcare per day and no more than 45 hours per week (including sleeping hours or any hours the au pair is required to stay in the home or with the children)
  • Participate in at least one Au Pair Agency sponsored Family Day event with your au pair during the year
  • Be available for monthly check-in with the local au pair coordinator

To view more information at the Department of  State website, click here.  For the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, click here.

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