Talita (24), Physical Therapist from Germany

"Physiotherapist from a large family who loves American football!"
Total Childcare Hoursover 600
Infant Qualified
Available to start May - Jul2020
Special Needs Qualified

Additional Information

  • Female
  • Speaks English and German
  • Swimmer
  • Catholic
  • Pets (Allergies or fears): no
  • 6 years of English Study
  • Not First Aid/CPR Qualified
  • Driving for 6 year(s)
  • Color Code Personality Assessment: YELLOW (Motivated by Fun)

'Dear Family' Letter
Dear Family,
My name is Talita and I am 24 years old (2019). I am from a little village called Vilshofen and work as a physical therapist since July 2017.

I decided to become a physical therapist because of my own experiences (e. g. soccer and sport in general). I had some injuries and my physical therapist helped me every time. She was like a magician for me. So I wanted to become one too.
I think that combining my skills in this area with a year as an au pair will be a great opportunity fo[...]Read More
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