For most parents, welcoming a new baby is an exciting but exhausting time. Having a live-in caregiver who is confident, capable and loves babies is a welcome addition to any family with an infant. Apex PROaupair’s Professional Infant Care program is designed to match families with childcare providers who have expertise caring for infants.

Our professional candidates either have extensive experience caring for infants or degrees in Pediatric Nursing or Early Childhood Development. This specialized care provides parents of infants with an extra set of capable, professional hands. The program is also ideal for parents of infant multiples, as well as parents who have an infant and older children.

Our professional infant care candidates tend to have experience with all types of infant care including:

  • Bottle feeding
  • Introducing solid foods
  • Bathing baby
  • Soothing and calming baby
  • Helping with colic, teething or other common infant-related conditions
  • Age-appropriate activities such as tummy time, holding objects, etc.
  • Helping baby establish a routine
  • Maintaining communication with parents about baby’s daily activities
  • Managing baby’s laundry and other tasks such as bottle sterilizing, etc.

Meet Host Mom Uli and her care professional Alex

"I really needed someone who loves babies!” said host mom Uli, who runs her own business out of her home in Connecticut and has two children under the age of two years old. Uli and her husband found peace of mind with Alex, a pediatric nurse from Germany.

Meet Host Dad Kevin and his care professional Kristina

“It’s very hard if one of us is traveling and the other one is working. But, having an au pair allows us to have somebody be the glue, so there is always somebody home,” said Kevin, a host dad from Ohio who hired Christina, a pediatric nurse from Germany to care for his two children, ages one and five.

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