3 Surprising Ways the German and English Languages are Similar

English and German are Germanic LanguagesWhile English borrows many of its words from Latin, French and Greek, it is actually considered a Germanic language. This means that the majority of the most common words in modern English have German roots. This blending of languages came about over a thousand years ago, when French, English and

Meet Orange County Area Director, Eva Tran

Tell us some fun facts about yourself I am your cliché au pair who fell in love with California and never 
left! Well kind of... I am from Germany and used to be an au pair in 
Orange County myself eleven years ago. I met my now husband and when my  
first year was up, I went home to

Meet Chicago Area Director, Maggie Pickering

Check out more about Area Director Maggie below!Image above: Area Director Maggie (middle) and professional au pairs Sheena, Nina, Marina, and Julia at North Ave. beach.Tell us some fun facts about yourself!  In addition to being an Area Director, I am an actor, runner, and budding sewer! I currently teach theater to 2 and 3-year-olds, and really

Photo Blog- Professional Au Pair Summer Outings

This summer, Area Directors and professional au pairs have had a great time exploring their cities. Be sure to take your professional au pair to your favorite spots while the weather complies! It's a great way to thank her for her hard work.New York CityArea Director Ariane and her professional au pairs enjoyed an afternoon