Road Trip Inspiration for Families with Special Needs

Summer road trips can be a great solution for families with special needs because they allow more flexibility and customization in terms of time, agendas and activities. Venturing out on a road trip soon? Here are some tips to make it a success: Rely on your professional au pair  Your professional au pair loves your kids and she wants to make your life easier!

Independence Day on the Seven Continents

Hosting a professional au pair teaches your children about new cultures and she would love to tell you about Independence Day in her country. This blog is another way to give your kids a global perspective- let's look at an Independence Day from each continent.North America- United States of AmericaOur Independence Day is celebrated every

In Their Own Words- Katharina's Professional Au Pair Experience

About a year ago, I made the most important decision that would totally change my life. I left my job and my apartment, moved back to my parents for a couple of months and signed up for apex PROaupair.I wanted to change my life, make new experiences and go on exciting adventures. I have been

Your Guide to Welcoming Your Professional Au Pair

Tips for Welcoming Your Professional Au Pair5 general tips that you can implement to help your professional au pair settle into the USA.Read here. Preparing Your Professional Au Pair’s BedroomYour professional au pair's bedroom is her respite from a busy and fun day with the kids! Here are some pointers on how to make her room feel

Summer Solstice Traditions from Around the World

Here are 3 international summer solstice traditions.Stockholm, Sweden Many of us are familiar with the idea of the maypole, which Swedes dance around to celebrate the solstice, which they call Midsummer (Midsommar). The maypole is decorated with flowers and ribbons and the day is a joyous celebration! Try building a miniature maypole with your kids to teach them about this fun