Ed, Host Dad from Washington, D.C.

"We have a special needs qualified au pair through PROaupair. We have had 12 au pairs over the last eight years with three different agencies, and this is by far the BEST fit for us.

Everything in the submission below about integration with therapies is our experience, too. We have an OT trained au pair, but her professionalism and training means that our daughter's physical therapy, speech therapy, and educational therapies are also understood and worked in seamlessly.

It's remarkable the progress that our daughter has made this last year, and just as important that it hasn't been through 'therapy sessions' but from a loving, caring au pair who has the training to fold the therapeutic process into daily life and making it fun.

We are absolutely overjoyed that our au pair is staying with us here in DC for a second year! We have had good au pairs and bad au pairs over the years. There is no silver bullet to the challenges of finding the right person to fit into your home, be professional, but also be loving and caring (and clean up their room). But PROaupair makes the best effort of all the companies we have dealt with to get it right through personal attention and active au pair recruiting. If this sounds like an ad for ProAupair, it sort of is.

We feel so strongly about this service that we provided endorsements to the State Department to help them get their certification. The other companies' "special needs" programs are set up with people who are 'willing' to be placed with special needs families and just screen for prior exposure to special needs, not any real metric for capability. We have found some good ones and some real disappointments through this approach; it really came down to the individual being a good au pair or not.

With PROaupair, the process actually targets people who have made the decision, and made a professional commitment, to working with special needs. There is still the challenge of finding the right match, but it means that if you find a good au pair you also have a great therapist and caregiver.

Really support this. There is nothing like looking out the window and seeing your au pair patiently encourage and create a game to get your child to step up a stair without a handrail, starting to tear-up with happiness when you see your daughter succeed, and then crying outright with joy when you see the cheers and hugs that your au pair shares with your daughter because she both loves her and understands the immense challenges that they overcame together.

Catherine, Host Mom from Florida

"Having Konnie in our family has made a huge difference in our lives. Her occupational therapy background helps us tremendously. Not only does she monitor all of the therapies (Speech, Physical and Horseback-riding therapies) our 4.5 year-old daughter receives, she also comes up with additional activities and exercises to complement what she's already getting.

Konnie works closely with our daughter's U.S. therapists and carries over the exercises day to day. I get added comfort from her training and experience in these areas -- and my daughter's U.S. therapists like it as well because they can communicate with Konnie as a professional and she gets it. Honestly, Konnie helps me to be a better mother. I am better able to focus and be more patient because I have another person there who is invested in our children's care and well-being.

My son is certainly happier to have more of my attention. Before he tended to lose out on account of my daughter's special needs. This has opened up possibilities for me and my family that were not there before having a special needs-experienced au pair.
We are very grateful for Konnie’s contributions and the loving, dedicated help she provides our family."

Evelyn, Host Mom from Yoba Linda, CA

"PROaupair was very helpful in helping us find the best au pair for our family. We chose this agency because the au pairs are qualified to work with children who have special needs. This was important for our family as our daughter has special needs. Our au pair is fantastic. She is smart, helpful, loving and a wonderful addition to our family."

Roman, Host Dad from San Diego, CA

"The au pairs that PROaupair finds are of the highest caliber. We get the feeling that if the au pair is not good enough for Susan's family, then they are not good enough for any of her host families, either. We love how her team helps hand-pick which of the girls would match best with the host family."

Julie, Host Mom & SVP PIMCO from Redondo Beach, CA

"Our au pair is exceptional. She is a pediatric nurse with infant experience. Beyond her excellent qualifications, she is also a kind, energetic, and caring person with high integrity. She takes excellent care of our kids and has become part of our family. We are grateful to PROaupaira for finding her."

Alison, Host Mom & Journalist from NJ

"PROaupair solved our childcare problems and has allowed me to return to work full-time. With two special needs children, I was unsure I would be able to find an au pair with the right qualifications. But PROaupair put us in touch with two highly qualified candidates right away. I particularly liked being able to review information about the available au pair candidates online at the beginning of the selection process. I also thought the process was relatively speedy."

Katherine, Host Mom from  Chicago, IL

"One of the biggest strengths is the level of maturity, knowledge and concern that their au pairs exhibit. Our professional special needs au pair is committed to doing a great job and the occupational therapy training she received in Germany has been a godsend. I am confident that my daughter is receiving the support she needs."

Kristina, Host Mom & Architect from Los Angeles, CA

"PROaupair has been able to provide us with very qualified candidates that match the needs of our family. For our family, it is very suitable that PROaupair is focused on au pairs from German speaking countries."

Daniel, Host Dad from Colorado

"We believe love is a very powerful motivator so we are excited to see our professional au pair’s relationship with Hiroki evolve as she builds a personal relationship with him. Throughout this entire process PROaupair has been amazing! We can't thank you enough... Thank you again for all your hard work and for founding this company... I cannot overstate what an impact your company has made on our family!!"

Teresa, Host Mom from Maryland

"We have been extremely pleased with the PROaupair process and selection of qualified candidates for our special needs daughter.”

Host Mom from Washington, D.C.

"We have had a great experience with PROaupair and feel lucky to have found them.”

Sarah, Host Mom from Washington DC

"The first time I spoke to PROaupair, I was asked to talk about our specific needs for childcare (which were a lot for our special needs son) and about my personality. From there we were given personal recommendations that would fit our family. They were right on! We feel so lucky to have experienced such personalized service and are grateful every day for our highly trained and wonderful professional au pair!”

Holly, Host Mom from Seattle

"After working with another agency and experiencing a challenging year with our first au pair we switched to ProAuPair. We are thrilled with our current au pair and feel that only now is our family experiencing the true spirit of the au pair program. Janina is like part of our family and we never would have found her if it weren't for PROaupair.”

Ulrike, Host Mom from Fairfield, CT

"PROaupair connects families with wonderful au pairs who are well-qualified. Especially compared to other agencies (that can be very pushy), the matching process with PROaupair was very nice and professional."

Peter, Host Dad from San Francisco

"Our family had been hosting au pairs for 4 years through another agency before switching to PROaupair this year. While I believe every au pair experience depends almost entirely on the interaction of the au pair and the host family, my impression is that PROaupair does a better job vetting their candidates, and their matching assistants are more familiar with each individual candidate. This allows them to provide more useful assistance is finding a good match."

Kristen, Host Mom from Palo Alto, CA

"PROaupair is great. We have used them for several years to find highly qualified au pairs who have become part of our family."

Kar Yee, Host Mom from California

"Yuye is an exceptional au pair - since she arrived, she has demonstrated her maturity, responsibility, exceptional childcare skills and, most importantly, her understanding of the au pair role. She has blended with our family from the very start. Upon her arrival, she immediately bonded with our newborn as well as with us and our extended family members. We know that she loves our son and takes care of him as her own. As her host parents, we truly value Yuye as a person and as a family member. She has made this experience better than we ever dreamt it could be."

Host Mom from Arlington, VA

"PROaupair has provided us two exceptional au pairs. With four young children and two working parents, we needed the peace of mind of high quality care professionals that are serious about childcare. PROaupair has been excellent in providing that for us."

Nancy, Host Mom from Washington D.C.

"When the time came for me to go back to work after adopting our first child from China, PROaupair was the ideal solution. They were able to find a great match for our child very quickly, even though our particular needs made for an unusual demand. The candidates we were offered were all excellent professionals, and our au pair, Di, has provided top quality, deeply engaged care for our daughter. Pearl has learned an enormous amount from Di and most importantly enjoyed a lot of love. Her help was critical to my being able to return to my own profession without worrying about my child's well being, and PROaupair has provided excellent support to all of us."