Apex PROaupair Testimonials

What our host parents say about Apex PROaupair

"Sarah is very kind, gentle and has a positive attitude. She is very knowledgeable and works very hard to care for our son. Our son has cerebral palsy: he is non-verbal, visually impaired and does not walk on his own. He requires full care. Sarah never complains and she has won his heart. She has meshed into our family like we have known her a million years. I cannot say enough about Sarah. She is an excellent representation of what an Apex PROaupair should be. We are first time users of Apex PROaupair and due to Sarah we will continue as long as possible. She is more then we had ever hoped for."
Host Mom in Florida
"Mateja came to us as an au pair back in February, taking a break from her work as a pediatric nurse in Austria. Very soon after she arrived though, she became part of our family, a younger sister to us and an aunt to our children. That is really the only way to label our relationship. Mateja has bonded with our family and provided such outstanding care to our children, going above and beyond, through efforts that could only come from a place of deep and genuine affection."
Host Mom in Maryland
"Sarah never tired of wanting to know how we do things, why we do things this way, and even why we don’t do them the other way. She wanted to understand so that she could make the most of her time with the kids, and not just be someone watching the kids. This is one of the reasons we wanted to have a professional au pair, so that there would be meaningful interaction with our children with lots of fun, yet structure. Sarah’s background as a kindergarten teacher with special needs experience was perfect for choosing activities for our children, whether it was raining or 100 degrees outside."
Host Mom in Dallas
"Svenja our Educator from Germany joined our family 6 months ago and it is sometimes hard to remember what life was like without her. My son has a sensory processing disorder and behavior problem and she has remarkable patience with him but also has been helping him simultaneously with coping strategies as well as course correction for behaviors. Her approach is firm but kind and my son adores her. She is also confident enough to point out where I was enabling him, possibly making things worse, and did it in a way that felt non-threatening - just kind and well intentioned."
Host Mom in San Francisco
"The best part about Kati is something we never could have known from her application – she is always smiling and happy. She leaves everyone around her in a good mood. She is cheerful, joyful, and –important for our family – funny too! She can dance, play, and be a role model. She connects with our 10, 8, and 6 year olds. They can’t get enough of her. We truly love her and she will forever remain part of our family."
Host Mom in Washington D.C.
"Our family had been hosting au pairs for 4 years through another agency before switching to Apex PROaupair this year. While I believe every au pair experience depends almost entirely on the interaction of the au pair and the host family, my impression is that Apex PROaupair does a better job vetting their candidates, and their matching coordinators are more familiar with each individual candidate. This allows them to provide more useful assistance in finding a good match."
Host Dad in San Francisco
"After working with another agency and experiencing a challenging year with our first au pair, we switched to Apex PROaupair. We are thrilled with our current au pair and feel that only now is our family experiencing the true spirit of the au pair program. Janina is like part of our family and we never would have found her if it weren’t for Apex PROaupair."
Host Mom in San Francisco
"Simone arrived in August. She continually entertains and works with our wheelchair bound angel, from creating projects to involve her fine motor control to exercising her daily so her spastic limbs move better. She sings traditional German folk songs while feeding our daughter, who depends entirely on caregivers to feed her as well as perform all the activities we take for granted with a child who is typical. Our lives have been blessed having this saint living here and she has totally become one of our family!"
Host Mom in Virginia
"One of the biggest strengths is the level of maturity, knowledge and concern that their au pairs exhibit. Our professional special needs au pair is committed to doing a great job and the occupational therapy training she received in Germany has been a godsend. I am confident that my daughter is receiving the support she needs."
Host Mom from Chicago, IL
"Apex PROaupair solved our childcare problems and has allowed me to return to work full-time. With two special needs children, I was unsure I would be able to find an au pair with the right qualifications. But Apex PROaupair put us in touch with two highly qualified candidates right away. I particularly liked being able to review information about the available au pair candidates online at the beginning of the selection process. I also thought the process was relatively speedy."
Host Mom from NJ
"Conny has lived with my family for over a year and has elected to continue her stay with us for an additional year. I’m a single father of 4.5-year-old twins and Conny has handled the unique challenges that we have with professionalism, love, grace and patience. My children warmed up to her immediately and she was able to establish a strong bond that has endured. Her calm yet enthusiastic demeanor has worked wonders with the kids. She never has a bad day…even when she’s having a bad day!"
Host Dad in New Jersey
"When Johanna joined our family, our son was 19 months old and had already been through three childcare providers. No one seemed able to respond to his special needs and stubborn personality in a way that would allow him to blossom. Johanna had been in our house for less than an hour when my husband and I snuck into the kitchen to slap high fives. We could already tell that she was perfect. She knew just the right way to approach our son. Our son is thriving under Johanna’s care. Thanks to Johanna’s patient work with him, he is continually developing new skills, making new sounds, and growing into his potential."
Host Mom in Maryland
"Our au pair is exceptional. She is a pediatric nurse with infant experience. Beyond her excellent qualifications, she is also a kind, energetic, and caring person with high integrity. She takes excellent care of our kids and has become part of our family. We are grateful to Apex PROaupair for finding her."
Host Mom in Southern California
"One of the biggest strengths is the level of maturity, knowledge and concern that Apex PROaupair's Special Needs Au Pairs exhibit. Our au pair is committed to doing a great job and the occupational therapy training she received in Germany has been a godsend. I am confident that my daughter is receiving the support she needs."
Host Mom in New York City
"The au pairs that Apex PROaupair finds are of the highest caliber. We get the feeling that if the au pair is not good enough for Susan’s family, then they are not good enough for any of her host families either. We love how her team helps hand-pick which of the girls would match best with the host family."
Host Mom
"Julia gets as excited as I do when Mikey or Ella accomplishes something they’ve been working on. We really admire Julia’s dedication, work ethic, and the drive she has to help both of our kids succeed. Julia’s background as an OT has been very beneficial when I have sought advice on how to help Mikey with certain behaviors. She also works with his OT on helping generalize at home what he is learning at school."
Host Mom in Baltimore
"I never imagined that in just 8 weeks that someone could have such a profound and positive impact on our lives. Mona, our au pair from Apex PROaupair, has brought laughter, love, professional expertise, and her cultural traditions to our house. From her first week with us, Mona sought ways to connect with our two children, ages 6 and 2. Our six-year-old son has a rare genetic condition, which includes cognitive disabilities and developmental delays. Mona quickly identified what made our son smile and was not afraid to jump in and engage in his favorite activities. We are so thankful to have been matched with Mona."
Host Mom in Atlanta
"We believe love is a very powerful motivator so we are excited to see our professional au pair’s relationship with our son evolve as she builds a personal relationship with him. Throughout this entire process, Apex PROaupair has been amazing! We can’t thank you enough… Thank you again for all your hard work and for founding this company… I cannot overstate what an impact your company has made on our family!!!"
Host Dad in Colorado
"Luise is our fourth au pair through Apex PROaupair and all have been special and wonderful care givers. But there is something unique about Luise. Only a couple weeks into her stay with us, she already felt like a member of the family. She is quiet, but in a warm way and she doesn’t hesitate to tell us how much she is enjoying her time here. We often joke about how we’re pinching ourselves that a Skype interview could work out so well for us all."
Peter and Amy
Host Parents in San Francisco
"Bianca was able to jump right into our routine: changing diapers, preparing gluten-free meals, shuttling to and from therapy appointments, and participating in various activities with our children. With her help over the last year, we were able to successfully toilet-train Jack, have made great progress toilet training Ben, and expect Elizabeth to follow in the steps of her siblings soon. Any parent knows that this is no small feat!"
Host Mom