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Founded in 2008, PROaupair specializes in the recruitment and placement of experienced and degreed childcare professionals. We are a boutique agency, committed to providing the highest quality service, the most skilled and committed caregivers and creating a world perspective through cultural exchange. Whether you have a new baby, multiples, a child with special needs or older children, we can help you find an experienced and trained Professional Au Pair to meet your specific needs while providing a culturally rich experience for your entire family. PROaupair is unlike any other childcare agency. While we are designated by the US Department of State, we are the only agency with a focus on recruiting trained and experienced childcare professionals. Our Professional Au Pairs have degrees in fields such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, pediatric nursing, speech therapy, special education, early childhood and preschool education, and elementary education from their home country and/or one year full time experience working with children. Our long-term relationships with educational institutions like the First European Occupational Therapist School and the German Red Cross, allow us to work with au pairs 6-24 months before they come to the US to help them gain additional work experience in their child-related profession.PROaupair was founded by a working mom who, after the birth of her first child in 2004, became disenchanted with the available nanny and au pair options. She decided to start recruiting her own international childcare providers from Germany. She leveraged her German non-profit relationships from her investment management career to find the very best talent and caregivers. They were not only highly trained and motivated, but also provided her with the peace of mind that her children were being well cared for while she was not at home. Today, PROaupair is an international organization, providing families throughout the United States and Australia with caregivers who are not only highly qualified, but also loving, engaged, and motivated to make a difference in the lives of the children they are care for.

Meet Susan Asay, CEO & Founder of PROaupair


Dear Host Family, As a first time mom with no local family support and a very demanding career, I personally know how difficult it can be to find childcare that I trust. Not only is it time-consuming, it’s a very emotional and difficult process to navigate alone. After researching and evaluating many different options, I chose to hire two childcare professionals from Germany. With my Professional Au Pairs, my children were safe, loved and well-cared for. And, I had the quality and flexibility that I needed to go back to work and focus on my career without worry. At PROaupair, I am personally involved with the training of our team and the recruitment of our professional au pairs. Each candidate must pass my incredibly high standards and our intensive screening process before being accepted to our program. Whether you need a live-in childcare provider with a specific type of training and background to love and care for your first baby, toddler, multiples, or children with or without special needs, you can rely on us to find the same peace of mind that my family and the families of my friends and colleagues have experienced for the past 8 years. In my experience, hiring an international childcare professional as your Professional Au Pair is the best solution compared to a traditional au pair or a domestic nanny because it combines the best out of both worlds. I like to think about our Professional Au Pairs as childcare experts who want to make a difference and support our day-to-day lives, help us balance work and life, while experiencing life in the U.S.. It’s a win – win for everyone!Please call us at 844-787-6566 to learn if a Professional Au Pair is right for your family, and let us help you find the perfect candidate.

Susan Asay, CEO & Founder

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