Care Professionals for Children Ages two and up

Families with children are very busy and having a care professional for children ages two and up can help bring balance and ease the stresses of modern-day parenting. Apex PROaupair’s Childcare Ages 2+ program is designed to match families with childcare providers who have extensive experience caring for children who are two years old and older.

Our professional candidates are highly experienced caregivers and include preschool and kindergarten teachers with education degrees. Accustomed to caring for children, they are able to help children with homework and reinforce or establish routines – everything from study habits to regular chores around the house – easing the transition when parents return home from a busy day at the office. Most care professionals are experienced drivers and can drive children to appointments and activities.

Care Professionals caring for children two and older have a wide range of tasks they can help with including:

  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Helping with bathing children and bedtime routines
  • Assistance with potty training
  • Introducing age-appropriate activities (art, outdoor play, reading time)
  • Managing children’s busy schedules (play dates, appointments, activities)
  • Helping with homework and providing tutoring assistance
  • Packing school lunches and getting ready for school
  • Managing children’s laundry
  • Helping to keep children’s rooms tidy and organized
  • Driving children to activities and school
  • Doing special outings and activities
  • Providing childcare and support during family vacations
  • Giving parents an occasional night off
  • Introducing children to a new language and culture


Meet Eric and his care professional Ina

Three year-old Eric is a smart, curious little boy who loves to explore. Eric’s au pair, Ina, a kindergarten teacher from Germany, frequently takes Eric to the museum and to other cultural outings. Host mom Nada appreciates Ina’s understanding of Eric’s developmental milestones and the reliable support she provides to the family.


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