Symptoms of ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) begin in childhood and are often categorized by lack of attention, impulsive or disruptive behavior, and hyperactivity. Many Apex PROaupair host families have children with ADD/ADHD, some of whom take medication on a regular basis. Our Care Professionals, including early childhood educators and pediatric nurses, use their training to help families with children with ADD/ADHD to manage their conditions, including providing support for behavioral therapy, implementing organizational techniques, minimizing distractions, and modeling appropriate behavior.

Meet Griffin & Male Pediatric Nurse Benjamin

Laurel is a single mom and business owner from Andover Massachusetts. Both her sons Griffin (6yrs) and Becket (9yrs) were adopted from Ethiopia when they were just babies.
When her youngest son Griffin recently turned six years old he was diagnosed with ADHD. This was the moment Laurel decided she needed to live in care with someone who has special needs training.

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