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The host family application provides insights into an individual family, including their children, lifestyle and childcare needs. Interested Care Professional candidates have an opportunity to view host family applications to learn more about an individual family and their childcare requirements.

Family Application

Providing a detailed overview of your family’s interests, personality, care requirements and expectations for your future Care Professional is and important to find the right candidate for your family. The “Dear Care Professional" letter is an opportunity to describe your family in detail.

Special Needs

If your child has special needs, please provide a detailed overview of your child’s conditions, treatments and any other information that is important for your caregiver to know. Be as clear and detailed as possible. This will allow potential candidates to have an accurate understanding of your childcare needs and the experience required.


Photos are a great way to share your family’s personality with Care Professional candidates. Photos of children, family pets, your home and family members will give potential candidates a good sense of your family.


Providing a clear overview of your family’s anticipated schedule and responsibilities will help interested candidates understand your family’s needs.

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