Care Professional Costs

Apex Social recruits candidates with professional backgrounds so that families can count on extremely high caliber care for their children. Program services include premium recruiting services, full candidate screening and background checks, J-1 visa sponsorship, medical insurance and year-round local support. Apex offers a convenient ‘pay as you go’ payment option allowing families to pay monthly.
The average cost range for full-time childcare for an Apex Care Professional varies depending on your location, how many children are in your family, the responsibilities and duties that come with the job and the background and experience of your Care Professional. We will share best practices and what the market rates typically are for our candidates and families in your local market.
The Apex Care Professional live-in childcare solution is more flexible than hiring a local nanny or babysitter due to the continuity and flexibility of care. Our Care Professionals commit to a full year, providing you with the consistency of having another adult helping you with your child. Additionally, international Care Professionals that come on a J-1 exchange visitor visa are tax exempt from FICA, so their wages are not subject to withholding of payroll taxes.

The host family and their Care Professional are free to agree to compensation higher than the legally applicable minimum.

  Care Professional Local Nanny
Special Training Varies
Cost per family, not per child Varies
Up to 45 hours of care per week Varies
Has medical insurance Varies
One year commitment Varies
Flexible schedule Varies
Minimum required experience
Local support
Live-in Varies
Regulated by the U.S. Department of State

For detailed pricing information call at 844-787-6566 or start your application.

What do Agency Fees Include?

Even before the shortage of Child Care providers due to the Pandemic, finding great talent with a degree, experience and motivation to help a child unlock their potential has posed a big challenge - not just for parents, but also for organizations.That's why families choose to work with Apex Social Group.

We have developed a strong Care Professional community over the last 10+ years and a network of Professors at over 400 European educational institutions in the healthcare field to ensure that we can provide a consistent talent pool for our families. We provide a new kind of program and the infrastructure, that brings trust and belonging to young Care Professionals. This trusted community that we have built makes Care Professionals feel comfortable joining Apex Social and going abroad for 1-2 years to combine their passion for helping children with seeing the world. German and Austrian Care Professionals have a particularly long term planning view. You can see this if you look at the list of available candidates. Some are ready to a start one year from now, but they already have their profile done, are planning for their next career step in 1 or 2 years, and you could request an interview with them today, but they can only start in the future.

Our job is to build a trusted relationship with Care Professionals and bridge the timing between their forward planning mindset and the American parents who need care more quickly. Most Care Professionals learn about the international opportunity to go abroad and utilize their professional training in a home setting as a Care Professional, when our Apex representative conducts a presentation in the class at their college during their 2nd or 3rd year of their studies. That is 2 or 3 years before your Care Professional arrives to your family and at least one year before you get to start interviewing curated candidates. This is how we provide the amazing pool of candidates you will soon be interviewing with. That's why you as a parent have the opportunity to hire with Apex a talented Care Professional that has a multi year degree in fields such as nursing, teaching, occupational therapy, physical therapy from their home country. If you wonder what your agency fees are used for, that's what we invest in. 

Building relationships with the educational schools and holding info events in class at the schools, then speaking with all the interested students and selecting only the most qualified and motivated individuals to join Apex Social Group. Out of 20 students that we meet at their school, we only accept 1. I hope that helps you to better understand how we are able to attract such amazing candidates that have a bright career ahead of them, to become your Live-In Care Professional for 1-2 years. Thank you for joining Apex Social Group in our Vision to help all we serve to reach their full potential. With your help, Apex Care Professionals have graduated from our program and have become Doctors, PhD degreed OTs, are directors of bi-lingual Kindergartens in Germany, have become entrepreneurs and started their own therapy practices or become research fellows at Harvard University in Boston, just to mention a few.