How to Investigate Your Child’s Special Needs File

August 25, 2016
According to federal law, a school must create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for a child with qualified special needs. By law, parents should have access to these plans. But – what if you are having trouble getting access? What should you do? How can you be sure your child is getting the support they need for their needs?

Pro Publica investigative journalist T. Christan Miller recently wrote about the topic in his column The Dig, at the bequest of a mom with a child with special needs.

He turned to Pro Publica’s education reporter, Heather Vogell, who shared advice for parents including: forging close relationships with classroom teachers and aides, keeping open lines of communication with others who may be in contact with your child (other teachers, other parents), and asking a lot specific questions – which are more likely to generate honest answers about how your child is doing day-to-day.

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