About a year ago, I made the most important decision that would totally change my life. I left my job and my apartment, moved back to my parents for a couple of months and signed up for apex PROaupair.

I wanted to change my life, make new experiences and go on exciting adventures. I have been living this dream for 6 months now in Portland, Oregon with my incredible host family - my host parents and my two girls, with whom I spend a lot of time and have firmly stolen my heart.Best Time 1

In the last couple of months, I have developed so much as a person. I get to see the other part of the day, that I did not see in my preschool back in Germany. I’m waking up with my host kids in the morning, taking them to school and spending the afternoon and evening with the girls and my host parents. I am a part of the family and enjoy every moment.

In addition to all my new experiences, I have met incredible people. My host parents are warm, attentive and always concerned about my well-being. I have in them a firm anchor in my life, can share good and bad days with them and can always count on an open ear. In addition, I have found friends whom I would simply call friends for life, who play an incomparably important role in my life and will always be! Best time 5

Portland is a breathtaking city with extremely open-minded and talkative people who accept you as you are. I feel very well here and could not imagine a better city to live in.

Besides all these possibilities, I have discovered my greatest passion in snowboarding. Mount Hood is just an hour away from Portland and is perfect. Best Time 6

Last but not least, I have seen some of America. I travel a lot, with my host family and also with my friends on my free weekends. America is a beautiful country and it is really worthwhile to get involved.

I notice how well I have already done this half year now, how I grow in my tasks and how much I enjoy the time with the girls here. That is why I decided to stay here for another year and to experience many new adventures here! I'm looking forward to another year in the US.