Is your personality blue, red, yellow or white? Learn more about The Color Code!

August 08, 2016
Choosing a caregiver can sometimes feel like a leap of faith. Yes, you’ve reviewed qualifications, experience and had a video interview with your prospective candidates. You’ve compared and contrasted the candidate profile to your list of criteria. But, how will you know if the professional au pair will be a good fit for your family?

PROaupair uses The Dr. Hartman Personality Assessment, also known as “The Color Code” for this very reason. While we agree there is a “gut check” component to choosing the right caregiver for your family, we also believe in using data and science to back this up.

The Color Code, unlike other personality tests, identifies both what you do and why you do it. PROaupair administers the test to all prospective candidates and host families. This gives you deeper insight into not only your personality, but also that of your professional au pair. Individuals are categorized in one of four color categories – red, blue, yellow and white, depending upon their personality traits. Certain color combinations work better together than others – providing PROaupair and you with additional information to help guide everyone to making the best match.

Additional information about the Dr. Hartman Personality Assessment is available on PROaupair’s website.

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