This is an independent contractor position, meaning you can work from your home, or wherever it is you work best.

We're looking for Area Directors who are interested in growing their area and supporting our local families and international childcare professionals participating in the program. 

Why Join Our Team?

You Love Work with a Purpose

You thrive when your work really matters and you love seeing that you are making a difference in other people’s lives. Knowing that you are working with families and linking them to Professionals that can help their children to grow and succeed is heartwarming. It never gets old.

You Love Working with People

You have a passion for working with families and young care professionals from other cultures, helping them to find their passions and achieve their goals.

You Want to Help Families & Children with Special Needs

The special needs community tends to be its own orbit and to be able to talk and network with these families is a pleasure in itself. You enjoy building relationships with host families, professional au pairs and most of all, enhancing the lives of host children with and without special needs.

You are Seeking Work-Life Balance

You think that being able to work from home and working for an organization “that gets special needs,” is incredible.

You want to be Part of a “Dream Team”

Join supportive colleagues spanning three continents who seek new ways of continued learning. Work on a team centered around respect, support and collaboration. Be a part of the 'cultural bridge' connecting our Apex Social care community to the amazing cultures of the U.S.A. & Australia!

You Seek a Career with Growth Potential

With a growing organization like Apex PROaupair, there is a high potential for growth and career development.

What we do

Apex PROaupair places international childcare professionals
with qualified Australian host families. Founded in 2008 in the United States and expanded to Australia in 2010.


Do you have a passion for cultural exchange and building relationships? Apex PROaupair is hiring local Area Directors to work with host families and their international professional caregivers throughout the United States. Area Directors are the frontline of our company. They have exceptional communication skills and an ability to create strong, positive relationships. They are the reason our customers rate Apex PROaupair as providing exceptional customer service throughout their program experience.

Could Apex PROaupair help you define your Success?

  • Do something you love and that connects you with others locally and from abroad
  • Make your own hours
  • Be your own boss and be in charge of your own schedule, income, and success
  • Use the talents and passion you already have
  • Help to improve the quality of life for children with and without special needs, their parents and the international caregivers

As a local Area Director, you will work with host families and professional caregivers to provide program support as well as reaching out in your community to market and grow the program. Apex PROaupair offers a competitive compensation plan and ability to build your own business locally. This is an independent contractor position that affords flexible hours and a work-from-home opportunity with unlimited growth.

Job Requirements

The successful applicant will possess the following skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient at using technology and social media
  • Strong interest in helping families with children with special needs
  • Promotional and sales skills a plus
  • Must have a phone, car, computer and high-speed Internet

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct an in-home screening interview with each new family
  • Place a welcome call to the host family and caregiver within 48 hours of the caregiver’s arrival
  • Conduct an in-home orientation within 2 weeks of the caregiver’s arrival into the home
  • Introduce the caregiver to her new community by providing helpful resources and support
  • Contact all host families and caregivers by telephone once a month and submit a monthly report
  • Create and facilitate monthly caregiver meetings
  • Serve as a helpful resource to your host families and caregivers
  • Assist with problem solving as needed
  • Apex PROaupair is growing and there are many opportunities help expand your area through supporting grass-roots marketing

How to Apply

We’d love to have you join our team!

What our Area Directors say...

In July, I will celebrate two years for thriving (not working, thriving) with Apex PROaupair with a total of fours years working in the CULTURAL EXCHANGE & au pair world. Being an Area Director, I have six ingredients that makes me thrive as an employee, a mom, and a ambassador to California and as a person.

− Jane Smith, Area Director, San Francisco, CA USA −

The six ingredients are:

  1. Work that helps others: relationships with the host families, professional au pairs and most of all, enhancing the lives of the host children with and without special needs I love this the most!

  2. Engaging work that lets me enter a state of flow (freedom, flex hours, variety, clear tasks, feedback, fun)

  3. Supportive colleagues with Apex PROaupair in three continents with new ways of continuing learning and embracing your passions with who you are with respect, support and collaboration.

  4. A job that fits my personal life: I can make school field trips, attend my son's baseball games, take a walk with friends in the morning, build amazing relationships with unique hardworking families around the SF Bay Area, support host families on my time, engage with the professional au pairs with fun local outings and yes, there is an occasional, 'drop everything moment'. However, those are like a unicorn, very rare and I sleep every night stress-free with a smile on my face.

  5. Ambassador to California: I love the SF Bay Area, the beautiful state of California and the awesomeness of the USA. San Francisco has long followed the beat of its own drum. Morphed and molded by its communities, the SF Bay area has been the heart of the bohemian lifestyle, the epicenter of the civil rights movement and the launching point of the technology era. Today, San Francisco is a complete universe in and of itself: I love being part of the 'cultural bridge' connecting our Apex PROaupair community of kindness to the strong sense of pride in the region. There are so many fun things to do in San Francisco for all age groups and interests covering everything imaginable: colorful festivals, mind-blowing concerts, unlimited dining options, diverse ethnic neighborhoods and shopping, urban adventure and recreational pursuits, history and architectural walks, fine arts and culture – the list is endless in the SF Bay Area.

  6. Young Professionals keep me young! With a long runway in front of them, professional au pairs from Apex PROaupair have a high success rate. They are future focused and come with every reason to be optimistic about their work and career. Young professionals still find themselves in the seeing, asking, changing, doing, and discovering stages of their work life. The host family (and, yes me, the Area Director) benefits from that fresh perspective unshaded by the bias of experience. I learn from these young professionals that life is breathtakingly beautiful, exciting and even with the occasional challenge...this is what life is all about...Thriving!

Everyday I don't JUST work. I help, guide, find solutions, give, listen, make fun, share information, smile, laugh, thrive...

This is my Apex PROaupair career and it fits my life!

Celebrating 10 years of Professional Live-in Childcare & Cultural Exchange

Photo Credit: Designed by Freepik