Special Needs Au Pair Childcare ADHD

Many Apex PROaupair host families have children with developmental delays. These can vary from impairments of speech or language to problems with movement and motor skills to genetic delays such as Down syndrome. Apex PROaupair’s caregivers are attuned to a child’s individual needs and use their extensive training to ensure each child can reach his or her full potential. They provide high quality, skilled care depending upon the child’s diagnosis – implementing therapy homework, creating routines and generally providing a warm, supportive environment.

Laurel is a single mom and business owner from Andover Massachusetts. Both her sons Griffin (6yrs) and Becket (9yrs) were adopted from Ethiopia when they were just babies.
When her youngest son Griffin recently turned six years old he was diagnosed with ADHD.This was the moment Laurel decided she needed live in care with someone who has special needs training.Benjamin, a male pediatric nurse from Germany arrived to the family just in time, as Laurel is opening her new business and needs all the help she can get!
Benjamin has been a welcome addition to the family. As a pediatric nurse who has worked with ADHD kids he knows what to expect and has strategies of how to help Griffin on a daily basis. And as Laurel says, "It's great to have a guy for the kids so they have someone to be more rough and tumble with!"