Special Needs Au Pair Childcare for Undiagnosed Children

Many Apex PROaupair host families have children with developmental delays. These can vary from impairments of speech or language to problems with movement and motor skills to genetic delays such as Down syndrome. Apex PROaupair’s caregivers are attuned to a child’s individual needs and use their extensive training to ensure each child can reach his or her full potential. They provide high-quality, skilled care depending upon the child’s diagnosis – implementing therapy homework, creating routines, and generally providing a warm, supportive environment.

Holly, a host mom from California, has three children, including ten-year-old Trevor, who is undiagnosed and has been losing many of the skills and abilities he once had. The family’s au pair, Sandra, a German occupational therapist, works closely with the family to support Trevor and his two younger siblings. The family appreciates Sandra’s specialized training and the benefits of having another adult in the house.