4 Reasons to Choose PROaupair

💚  PROaupair has high standards. We maintain our own office in Germany, allowing us to personally meet our applicants and ensure they meet our incredibly high standards so we can provide you with an excellent candidate pool. 💚 PROaupairs have college degrees and/or hands-on experience. Our applicants have experience in fields such as pediatric nursing, occupational and physical therapy, early

How to Advocate for your Child with Special Needs

Developmental Delays & Seizures

Learn as much as you can about your own child’s special needs by asking a lot of questions. Your child’s doctors, teachers, and therapists, as well as other parents of children with the same special needs can all help you understand what you need to know. Ask a lot of questions and keep good notes.

Meet one of our favorite Occupational Therapists, Mattis Reil

Mattis Reil, a German Occupational Therapist has spent the past 18 months living in a suburb of Chicago with the Baer family. Caring for their son Philly, who has special needs, here are just a few examples of how Mattis has been using his OT background to work with Philly: Taking him to his Occupational