Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?

For many Americans, Friday the 13th either conjures up images of unlucky things: a black cat, a broken mirror, walking under a ladder – or horror movies (the “Friday the 13th” franchise includes 2 movies that spanned three decades!). But where did our fear of Friday the 13th come from? Some historians say it came from

New Study Shows How "Cybercycling" Benefits Children with Special Needs

A new study published this month in the American Academy of Pediatrics journal Pediatrics says that “aerobic cybercyling” (riding a stationary bike attached to a virtual-reality gaming screen) helped children with behavioral health disorders significantly minimize incidences of acting out – much more so than a traditional physical education program.The study was conducted at a therapeutic day

Parenting Goals for 2017

For an amusing, slightly tongue-in-cheek look at parenting resolutions, read Jordan Shapiro’s recent column at Forbes. A contributing writer who focuses on global education, game-based learning and kids, he makes suggestions about rethinking everything from punishment (“writing is the new spanking”) to mealtime (“video games are the new dinner time”) to cultivating curiosity (“Google is

New Year’s Resolutions – and How to Keep Them

Most New Year’s resolutions fall into one of four major groups: those related to health (losing weight, getting fit); those related to money (saving money, spending less); those related to relationships (finding a mate, scheduling a date night); and those related to self-improvement (taking a class, spending more time with friends). However, according to research,